From Drop to Data

Xip’s Digital Molecule Counting technology enables a new generation of disposable sample analyzers that combine superior convenience – reader-free operation, finger-stick sampling, and wireless reporting – with breakthrough analytical performance – multiplexing, high sensitivity and tight quantification.


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Digital Molecule Counting

Xip’s technology relies on a fully integrated CMOS microchip that combines on-chip magnetic separation to reduce non-specific binding, with 40,000 single molecule sensors for superior sensitivity. Room-temperature stable dry chemistry and the absence of sample preparation make Xip devices as easy to use as a glucometer, but with the menu of a clinical analyzer


Our proprietary CMOS
microchip has 40,000
single molecule sensors


Lab-quality results
in minutes



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Analytical Performance

The digital microchip is the only platform capable of both integrating and miniaturizing the diverse sensor technologies needed to perform a comprehensive panel of blood tests from a single drop of blood. With the long-term goal of digitizing all the information in a drop of blood, Xip has taken a first step of developing a digital molecule counting immuno-assay platform integrated on a microchip.

To benchmark our analytical performance, a study was undertaken at the University of Maryland. Blood samples from patients presenting to the University of Maryland Medical Center with chest pain were analyzed on Xip devices for the presence of troponin, a heart attack marker. Results showed a tight correlation to the gold standard laboratory system with an LOD of 5pg/ml and imprecision of 12%.


Point of need testing

Clinical results from a drop of blood appear on the digital display and are securely uploaded to an EMR or a nearby phone. After use, the device is discarded but the data retained and analyzed. This flexibility will allow patients, physicians and broader medical systems to more efficiently retrieve and handle vital diagnostic information.




Infectious Diseases


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